ESME – Secure your SMS. v0.56 APK

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ESME will enable you to be able to send an encrypted, secure SMS message, valid for a specified time period, only accessible to specified recipients. Who also use the ESME app.

These messages can only be decrypted when using the pin or password you set.
The app relies solely on sms and requires no internet connection.

Please email support or suggestions to

Keep your SMS messages private. Avoid SMS being read by
*Your phone service / SMS gateway provider.
*Rouge spyware and apps on your phone.
*Anyone with access to your phone, lost of taken.
*Anyone except the sms recipient and you.

*No internet connection required. (Standard SMS messaging)
*No signup (No personal information required)
*No data sent anywhere
*No ads
Set a lifetime for your sms message making it inaccessible after a set time period.
Encrypted messages sent in standard sms form

Encrypt your SMS messages between you and anyone with the ESME App installed.
GUI Adjustment.
Refresh update on sms send.