These Are The USER’S RULES And This Must Be Strictly Followed By Every User

General Site Rules

  • This is an international Site so please speak (write) only in English
  • Apk Blast™ is aimed at a general audience. This means our site is designed for both young & old. Explicit materials, vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, porn, etc.. is not allowed
  • Racism will not be tolerated
  • No Spammers! No Trolls! No Haters! No Bigots! Such persons are most unwelcome here & the Moderators will ensure that you know it and show you to the exit!
  • Treat other members positively and with respect. If you see/have a problem, Report it so staff can deal with the issue accordingly
  • Yes, You Can double post threads. It means that you are allowed to create identical posts repeatedly.
  • Advertising in any form is not allowed. This includes promoting competitor site, retail websites, goods, services and software, premium file-host accounts & posting referral URL’s. A site name or a site link (most especially those similar to/or competing with Apk Blast™) should not appear anywhere;
    • in any field of a member’s profile, such as ‘Location’, ‘Homepage’, etc..
    • in a member’s signature
    • in a member’s avatar or profile picture
    • in any .nfo or .txt file inside any uploaded file
    • in any screenshot or image
    • in any referral link inside any uploaded file
    • in any post/thread/blog being discussed by members
    • in any filenames
    • as file passwords (zip/rar/etc..)

Posting Releases

  • Please post in the correct categories.
  • Images must be hosted on public image hosting websites. (,,,, etc)
  • Don’t put any additional text in the header or title, just put the software name and version
  • The use of presentation methods within topic titles and descriptions with the intent to gain attention is allowed
  • Visit POST FORMAT Fore More

Download Links

  • Make sure that you test all your links before you post them.
  • Upload your files somewhere, DON’T POST DOWNLOAD LINKS TO/FROM OTHER FORUMS. If you do, your links will be removed. You can use any online file hosting website to store your files unless they ask for surveys (eg.,,,,,,,,, etc.) . You are also required to have a copy of the file(s) from your release so that if the file(s) you uploaded expire/get deleted you are able to reupload them.
  • Mass-mirror Hosting Sites MUST be used when adding any shared files. It is required to use at least 3 available Hosts, but re-distribution is automatic so you may as well use the maximum numberMore URLs = More choices = Files live longer. Examples of multi-upload Host sites:


  • Do not Spam.
    • We dont want any spam in your posts.
  • No Posting Self-Gain links (for example money or referrals).
    • The only exception to this rule are donation links posted by the authors of releases that are freely distributed (for example free software or ROMs).


  • Members who disobey the rules will be warned or banned depending on what the moderator believes is the appropriate punishment.
  • This does not mean that you have to have a warning to get banned, moderators may ban you without warnings depending on the offense.