Alcatraz Escape

Alcatraz Escape

Alcatraz Escape

Alcatraz Escape l Version: 1.1 | Size: 60MB
 Developers: Trapped | Language: English

Alcatraz Escape – the most secured prison in the history of mankind is waiting for you…
Here’s the story – you find yourself locked up in the legendary prison named “Alcatraz”. Do you think you have what it takes to be the first prisoner ever to find the way out of this hell? Don’t search for friends – search for clues and hints that will help you on your way out. Use all the puzzle solving and logical thinking skills you have to avoid being caught by the brutal guards in this amazing adventure.
Are you ready to accept the challenge to escape this barbaric place? If yes, download Alcatraz Escape game now and test yourself and see if you can break out to freedom.
Game features:
Prison Break!
Real prison atmosphere!
Logical puzzles!
Truthful graphics!
Legendary escape journey!
Alcatraz Escape
Alcatraz Escape
Alcatraz Escape

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