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NotiSysinfo Pro – System Information in the notification drawer!

NotiSysinfo Pro
NotiSysinfo Pro (Notification System Information Pro) is a small system monitoring background service. It displays system information as a notification, thus you can check your device’s RAM, CPU, storage usage whenever you want, without starting any application.

The notification is customizable and can display the following information:

  • RAM information (total, free, used)
  • Two configurable storage information panels
  • CPU information: usage, frequency per cores
  • Battery info (battery level, temeprature, voltage)


  • Android notifications has a maximum height, It’s limited by the OS itself.
  • If you turn all the info panels on and/or you choose a big text size, then the bottom of the last info panel will maybe truncated. In this case you should choose a smaller text size and/or choose the compact layout.

The notification icon is also configurable, it can show the following information:

  • RAM usage (free or used percentage) 
  • CPU usage (percentage) 
  • Internal storage (free or used percentage) 
  • Internal storage (free or used percentage) 
  • Battery level (percentage)

You can also customize the color of the usage bars and the background of the notification, there are 10 bar colors, and more than 30 background styles to choose from.

What’s in this version : (Updated : 8 December 2015)

    – small bug fixes
    – storage path fixes for some devices
    – fixed notification icon for lollipop
    – fixed cpu usage notification icon (no need to enable the “cpu usage” option in main settings)
    – Settings design materialized for android 5+ devices
    – Small bug fixes
    – SD card paths added for some Asus devices
    – Text color options
Required Android O/S : 4.1+

Screenshots :
Download : 1.2Mb APK

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