Hero Hack

Hero Hack

Hero Hack l Version: 0.3 | Size: 41MB
 Developers: Grand Cru | Language: English

Descend into the dodgiest of dungeons and see things that can not withstand the light of day – like goblin underpants!
Harvest the souls of dubious monsters to pay the Souleater and free captured heroes – like the beastly Manimal!
Explore magically* shapeshifting dungeons in a pixeltastic 8-bit world just like you never used to!
* not real magic
– Always a new randomly generated dungeon when you play!
– Super easy thumb-friendly controls!
– Relaxed gameplay – no time pressure!
– Gratuitous pixelated violence!
– Highly inaccurate medieval weapons!
– Exclamation marks for no reason!
Hero Hack
Hero Hack
Hero Hack

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