Gmod Beginners Guide Ep.1

Gmod Beginners Guide Ep.1

Gmod Beginners Guide Ep.1


In this episode I will cover the strange blue gravity gun or (physics gun), I will also cover basic ragdoll posing, and a few hot keys. *Edit* : There’s a lot of people asking questions, and I’m getting tired of answering them, so I’ve created an “FAQ”. I hope it helps.

1. Q: “You are using tools that you did not explain how to use!”

A: There is a long list of tools, and they are a pain in the ass to get through. The names of the tools do a good job of explaining their function. Your main building tools are the “Weld” tool, the “Thrusters” tool, and the “Wheel” tool for vehicles. I am sorry for skipping this area, look up a review about Gmod tools.

2. Q: “Is Gmod free?”

A: Yes and No. Any Gmod version bellow 9 is a free half life 2 mod. However, Gmod 9 lacks many of my favorite features, and I suggest that you stop being a poor bitch and go mow someone’s lawn you mexican. The Gmod version shown here (10) is embarrassingly out of date, Gmod 13 is the current version, and is . However, there are often sales that can bring it down to .50 which is cheaper than your mom, so grab it if you see it on sale.

3. Q: How do you use things?

A: When you want to get in a vehicle, open a door, get in a seat, push a button, pick something up, etc, you need to press E.

4. Q: “Are steam addons free?”

A: Yes, Gmod addons are all community made. You should understand however, that the Gmod community is filled to the brim with nerds, and you will have to wade through a bunch of ponies, and anime shit.

5. Q: “Do you have a lisp”

A: At the time I made this video I had braces, and I sounded like a total fucking nerd, watch one of my later videos.

5. Q: “How do you freeze or rotate objects?”

A: Use the physics gun, and hold the left mouse button on an object to pick it up. Hold down ‘E’ and move your mouse to rotate the object. Press right mouse button while still holding left mouse button to freeze the object.

6. Q: “(Something) in your Gmod doesn’t look like (something) in my Gmod!”

A: As stated before, this is an outdated version of Gmod. The basics of Gmod have stayed pretty much the same though, so these tutorials are still usefull.

For More Information Watch This Video On Youtube

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