Metroid: Other M – Gameplay (HD)

Metroid: Other M – Gameplay (HD)

Metroid: Other M - Gameplay (HD)


Presented in upscaled 720p HD.

Straight footage of Metroid: Other M, released on August 31, 2010, for the Nintendo Wii.

Here, we get to see some cutscenes with dialogue between Samus and the Galactic Federation soldiers, classic Metroid action, and part of a fully-rendered video touching on Samus’ past.

If you would like to see more Metroid: Other M gameplay, leave a comment.

0:26 Her Mission Begins
1:46 Galactic Federation Encounter
5:10 Exploring the BOTTLE SHIP
9:17 Something is Afoot
10:43 Boss Time
13:01 Any Objections, Lady?

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