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Homestuck: Carne Vale ([S] GAME OVER.) – Synthesia [MIDI]

Homestuck: Carne Vale ([S] GAME OVER.) – Synthesia [MIDI]

Homestuck: Carne Vale ([S] GAME OVER.) - Synthesia [MIDI]


Yeah, the song from [S] GAME OVER. is kickass. Here’s my Synthesia cover.


Animation’s page can be found here: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/GAMEOVER/

Midi download can be found here: https://db.tt/t3HIzQfl

A video with just the drum parts can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_2bUiq7DA4


1. A loootttt of these notes are doubled and then lowered in volume, to make an echo effect. That’s why a lot of this is unreadable, especially at such a high tempo. But the midi is there, of course, for you to mess with as you please!
2. A lot of the notes that aren’t doubled for an echo effect are layered, especially on the heavy chords for the background sound (like different instruments are being played on the same note at the same time, so you can’t see all the colors). I also like to split melodies and bass parts into octaves for more intensity!
3. Adding the percussion feed (I did that because the beats were CRAZY in this and I figured some of you might like to see them) and the animation on top of the video made the render take literally 6 hours. You’re welcome.
4. The percussion feed doesn’t include the Taiko Drum and the Reverse Cymbal, because those are separate channels. You should be able to hear them clearly, though!
5. This midi probably took around 15 hours to make?? Over the course of this past week, I believe.
If I forgot anything I’ll add it on!


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For More Information Watch This Video On Youtube

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