Top 10 DUMBEST iPhone Apps

Top 10 DUMBEST iPhone Apps

Top 10 DUMBEST iPhone Apps


Here are Top 10 Dumbest iPhone Apps

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Apps are usually made to provide a useful service or to kill some time. However, there are some apps that are just plain dumb. They offer absolutely nothing useful and while sure, some of them do kill time… they make you look stupid in the process.

Here’s the 10 dumbest iPhone Apps ever made.

List :

10. SimStapler
9. Enjoy Toilet Paper
8. Eshaver
7. Hair Clinic
6. Rate a Fart 2.0
5. Wooo! Button
4. iStrip Pen
3. Teen Drug Use: 34 Warning Signs
2. Hold On!
1. Baby Shaker

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