Mystic Kingdom

Mystic Kingdom

Mystic Kingdom l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 39.7MB
 Developers: Netmarble Games | Language: English

Masha’, ‘Elle’, ‘Hamir’ – Only one empire will emerge as the best!
Experience the strategic RPG battle with various heroes and create your own team
Game Specs
■ Collect extraordinary heroes & heroines
New Romance of the three kingdoms through cute, revamped heroes
■Advance your heroes to unlock powerful abilities
Train all your heroes to their maximum potential through promotions and evolutions!
■Strategy with depth!
“Place your heroes strategically to maximize their abilities
Time abilities strategically to turn the tide of battle”
■Raid or get raided
Experience the fun behind raids with other players and siege their castles!
■ Explore an enormous world: 8 dungeons and 200 stages
Experience 8 special dungeons including 200 stages, PvP, Guild War, BOSS fight, Infinity Dungeons and more!
Experience the fun behind the strategies!
Mystic Kingdom
Mystic Kingdom
Mystic Kingdom

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