League of Fury

League of Fury

League of Fury l Version: 1.7 | Size: 93.58MB
 Developers: JackLi | Language: English

This is a strategy-based mobile game utilizing the dark ages as a back drop, which includes magical, technological and dragon type elements. On top of a “dragon and underground city” theme, players will build bases, initiate strategic combats, and cultivate their own forces among other initiatives.
Fight for your tribe by taking your dragons and unbeatable armies! Using survivors from your tribe, erect your own underground cities, develop technologies, expand your territories and avoid invasion.
Game features:
Construct your underground city into an impregnable fortress
Construct your own troops using Strong Tauten Warriors, Ice Priests, Death Snatchers, Devils, and Death Knights among others.
Compete with players from around the world and snatch their trophies!
Set up a Final Guild with other players
Combat with enemy’s Final Guilds during epic scale warfare
Storage space required: 200M and up
Note that internet connection is required for this game.
Set up 22 types of special units which can be upgraded multiple times
Utilize Dragon Soul to consolidate uniquely powerful soldiers
Set up your dream team by combining different troops, soldiers, dragons, and tribal assistance forces.
Use Towers, Mortars, Crossbows, Spikes, Ice Picks, and Defense Slimes to protect village
The battle for dinosaur eggs has already begun underground.
Friendly Reminder:
Although this game is free-of-charge, certain items and functions come with a fee. If you do not wish to access these items and functions, please set up a purchase password via your Google store.
Compatible models:
– Most Samsung, HTC, and Sony etc devices.
– Operating systems: Version 4.0 and up, 1G RAM and up
League of Fury
League of Fury

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