Chibi Adventure

Chibi Adventure

Chibi Adventure l Version: 1.0 | Size: 38.17MB
 Developers: Miracle Studios Games | Language: English

In a time before time, a little town prospered, nestled in the magical forest of the Land of Chibis.
Led by a king who was both kind and wise, the town had flourished for centuries. When danger threatened, the town relied on a tiny band of joyful warriors-the Chibis. The skill of the Chibis and the guidance of the king kept the town safe. But the king’s long life was near its end.
On his dying bed, the king called upon his last born-his youngest son, Prince Roland.
“There is a secret I have kept from you my son,” the old man said. “The forest is not our home. Our true kingdom lies towards the east, far across the two seas. More than 200 years ago, the Evil Witch of the North captured our kingdom. She destroyed the Chibi Empire and slayed many. To save what was left of our people, we had to leave the kingdom and take shelter here.”
“Long ago, I swore an oath to reclaim what was ours. Brave soldiers tried to make good on my promise, led by your older brothers. None returned. And now my time is over.”
“Before my last breath, I ask of you, my son: Recover our rightful kingdom. You have heard of the four magical swords? You will need all four to kill the witch. Your journey will not be easy. The world is full of perils, and the witch waits for you at journey’s end. But my soul will not rest until my oath is fulfilled. You are my last chance. May the spirits be with you.”
So the old King died. Roland was determined to make good on his father’s oath. What dangers would he face? Would Roland discover the fate of his two brothers? Would he be able to gather the four swords and defeat the Witch of the North? And so began the greatest adventure of the Chibis.
Chibi Adventure
Chibi Adventure
Chibi Adventure

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