Whats on my Nexus 5

Whats on my Nexus 5

Whats on my Nexus 5


In this video we look at whats on my Nexus 5.

In this video we take a look at what applications I currently have on my Nexus 5. All links to 3rd party apps are linked down below.

Facets – http://goo.gl/ig3NPR
Giganticon – http://goo.gl/V2zU5X
L Camera – http://goo.gl/b0H9Qj
Monument Valley – http://goo.gl/0LCNoO
Slayin – http://goo.gl/RMSucx
Snapseed – http://goo.gl/S5X059
Speedtest – http://goo.gl/8SE1eX
Swipes – http://goo.gl/My1ZZR
True Skate – http://goo.gl/tgxXhW
Zombination – http://goo.gl/DavIMO

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