Clockwork – K’nex Roller Coaster

Clockwork – K’nex Roller Coaster

Clockwork - K'nex Roller Coaster


My 15th K’nex roller coaster, featuring a hubless ferris wheel lift. More photos in the construction thread:

Music: “Where Civilization Once Lay” by Jeremiah Pena, one of my favorite composers. Check out more of his music at

Clockwork was partly inspired by Round About at Freestyle Music Park. However, this one uses a hubless wheel, meaning that there’s no axle in the center of the wheel. This let me weave the track through the center of the wheel, creating a very twisty and compact layout.

Construction took 4 weeks total. I automated the ride with a Lego Mindstorms NXT, just like all my other rides.

For More Information Watch This Video On Youtube

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