Brutal Souls

Brutal Souls

Brutal Souls l Version: 3 | Size: 21.3MB
 Developers: INFIPLAY | Language: English

Brutal Souls – it is a game in the genre one on one fighting game.
Since time immemorial, there was a struggle between good and evil. Once Shaolin monk decided to unilaterally seize ancient artifacts belonging to all mankind. But martial arts tournament ancient scroll was destroyed, and this has led to a partial mutation fighters in animals that dominated them … The delicate balance between good and evil has been broken.
Whose side will you choose?
– Choose your character and his fighting style!
– To challenge players from around the world!
– Gather scrolls and upgrade their characters!
– Pass campaign, right boss and discover new characters!
– Explore the world of PvP!
Awaken a beast and win in the global competition!
Brutal Souls
Brutal Souls
Brutal Souls

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