Clash of Battleships – Blockade

Clash of Battleships - Blockade

Clash of Battleships l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 90MB
 Developers: OASIS GAMES LIMITED | Language: English

“Clash of Battleships – Blockade” – an interactive naval game with simple controls, rich strategy and beautifully restored by warships of various types. Here the player through various battles and events that can create its own Armada. Look forward to more than 200 famous warships in the famous naval battle of Jutland to the Gulf of Leyte. Five special systems provide the pleasure of development and the development of the fleet player. In his journey, you can also create your own Legion, together with like-minded people to joint dominance over the sea.
1. The classic play of the Second World War, the era permeated by the winds of sea battles!
With the foundation laid in the authentic historical warships and events, the principles of playing real scenes, classic design and gameplay, players will be able to experience a completely new style of naval battle;
2. Elite sea fights, winner takes all!
Gather more than 200 ships of different colors to dominate the world. Easy rocking waves, mist over the surface of the water, a loud roar of guns, all of this will provide you with the experience of top-class naval battle;
3. Continue the journey, do not miss your chance!
Starting from scratch, continue the tradition together. Special effects skills, brilliant gorgeous style, is the pinnacle in the creation of mobile games on the war at sea, which exalt a new level of your naval journey.
4. To heat one shot, our goal – the whole world!
The Second World War has a long history, which is continuously updated, offers more and more exciting features, the game is constantly being improved and enriched. Providing innovative spirit, thirst to conquer all, ambitious plans for world domination, trust us, “Clash of Battleships – blockade” will allow you to feel a deep sense of glory and uniqueness!
“Clash of Battleships – blockade” will bring you the pleasure of daring attacks and world hegemony! These sea battles, insatiable struggle! Feel the atmosphere of modern naval battle, enjoy the glory of domination over the sea!
Clash of Battleships - Blockade
Clash of Battleships - Blockade
Clash of Battleships - Blockade

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