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Best Android Apps that are not available on Play Store[4K][2015]

Best Android Apps that are not available on Play Store[4K][2015]

Best Android Apps that are not available on Play Store[4K][2015]


Google might have a mind-boggling over 1 million applications in its Play Store, but you just won’t find certain apps there. Google has some tight regulations for Android apps and it simply removes applications if they breach its terms. For instance, you won’t find applications that can download videos or music from YouTube. You also won’t find ad blockers for Android. Those are just two types of apps forbidden on Google Play.

This video, however, does not aim to reason whether this is right or wrong. We’re just stating the facts, and trying to show what’s on the other side of the Google Play Store fence.

Does this put Android at a disadvantage? Not really. There is one key advantage about Google’s operating system – it is free and open, and Google Play is not the only source of apps. You’ve all heard about the Amazon Appstore for Android, but it is not the only one.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can find some great Android apps not available on Google Play. We’ve summarized the most notable secret and forbidden Android apps not allowed on the Google Play Store right below. Take a look.

For some reasons, I can’t post links.

1.Tiny tunes(): TinyTunes is a free music downloading and streaming app for Android. You can search through millions of songs from the internet and download or stream them directly from your phone. You can also explore music through different categories like iTunes Top Songs/Albums/Releases, Billboard Top 100, genres, and more!

2.ShowBox(): Show Box is a free movie and TV shows streaming app for the Android. It is regarded as one of the best free Android apps as it allows users to watch movies in HD for free.

3.GBWhatsapp(): GBWhatsApp apk is another mod by GB Team that has all the features of GBWhatsApp in it but has the signature “com.whatsapp”. This mod will suffice all the need that you require from theming your WhatsApp to customising your privacy. Enjoy it all in this new ‘GB’ WhatsApp Plus.

4.Instagram+/Instwogram(both are different): Instagram+ is a modded version of Instagram for android, created by OGMods.net contains Download feature and direct share URL.
• You can view profile pictures (Long click)
• You can enlarge pictures (Long click)
• Download feature
• Auto starts videos with sound
• Direct share URL
• And more features are coming soon

• You can download multiple downloads in the meantime
• You can watch the video on Background & Popup Window
• You can watch the video while the Screen is off
• You can play all qualities *140p~1440p*
• You can download the video as [MP3]
• You can download the subtitles
• You can download any quality
• Option to press back button twice to exit the video
• And more

6.AdBlock Plus(): As the name suggest it blocks ads on your device. Personally, I would encourage people not to use AdBlockers because in-app advertisements support developers and if they go away we will have to pay up front for a lot more of the apps that are currently free. But it’s an open operating system, the choice is up to you.

7.Amazon app store.
Amazon: the only company to successfully hijack Android and bend it to their will. The Amazon Appstore doesn’t necessarily offer any huge advantages over the Play Store. I install it partly because I can, but mostly because Amazon gives away a free paid app every day. I have gotten my hands on some great games that I wouldn’t normally have played. After you have been burnt paying for a game that turned out to be glitchy or boring you get pretty cautious when dishing out cash. On a related note, Amazon also gives away free song’s on their music store every day as well. Don’t miss out.

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