The Damned Maze

The Damned Maze

The Damned Maze l Version: 2.94 | Size: 41MB
 Developers: Gaming Supreme | Language: English

Welcome to The Damned Maze – a place full of mysteries and adventures! But don’t think it’s just a normal maze – this one moves and changes each turn you take! You can never escape from this terrifying labyrinth unless you’re smart, lucky and your logic skill are high enough.
How to play The Damned Maze: 4 magicians are placed in 4 corners of the square labyrinth. Your goal is to find the artefacts, but beware! The labyrinth is constantly changing its corridors, so you can never go back with the same path you came. You can add labyrinth tiles by yourself, but only in the certain places. You cannot cancel your opponent’s change by adding your tile. The victory is yours when you find all the necessary artefacts.
The Damned Maze features:
-constantly moving and changing labyrinth!
-collect artefacts to win;
-original, astounding graphics;
-confuse your opponents by moving the labyrinth tiles!
Explore the mysterious Damned Maze, collect artefacts and try to find your way out!
The Damned Maze
The Damned Maze
The Damned Maze

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