Legend of King: Troy

Legend of King: Troy

Legend of King: Troy l Version: 7.0.0 | Size: 36.4MB
 Developers: UZONE NETWORK TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. | Language: English

Legend of King is a fantasy MMORPG mobile game which has shocked the whole Asia. Too much thriller of Spartan story and shocking effect of the gaming experience would pick you to Starting Adventures!
【Game Highlights】
◆Fresh and fascinating soul skills: Hundreds of skills-packed monsters await you to “Absorb”
◆Hundreds of vivid fantasy scenes: From glacier to volcano with strongly magic sense of identification
◆Sound effects of deep impact: various score adapting different scenes, put your headset, or it’s your loss!
◆Original instances with formidable bosses: Awaiting your challenge!
◆Real-Time battle with hundreds of players in the same screen: 100 vs 100 battle daily!
◆Experience all classes with one account: Brand new avatar system, switching 8 classes only by ONE key!
◆Customized equipment at your will: Build thousands of exclusive equipment as you like, Must be unique!
◆DOTA-like tower defense mode: Are you ready to survive to the endless trial with 100 waves of monsters?
◆Cross-server PVP: Crowned the kingship in your server? Wait and see the brutal challenge in a bigger world
“Legend of King: Troy” leads you to a fresh new journey with your pals! Glittering golden equipment and ultimate awakening skills shall boost your battle rating and make you like an unstoppable monster!
Legend of King: Troy
Legend of King: Troy
Legend of King: Troy

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