Cannon King

Cannon King

Cannon King l Version: 0.0.14 | Size: 48.6MB
 Developers: FORGAME | Language: English

A revolutionary Castle Sieging Game has arrived! Gather your allies and penetrate your enemies’ defenses!
[Game Features]
-Guide your cannons with precision by fully utilizing the gyroscope technology!
-Experience epic siege warfare and realistic physics in full 3D levels!
-Deploy a wide variety of siege weapons and troops with strategy to crush your enemies!
Multiple layers of strategy – Discover new castles, siege weapons and units and customize your kingdom!
Intense PVP combat – Raid your enemies’ keeps for resources while fortifying your own!
[6 Exciting Game Modes!]
-Lay siege to an enemy castle with your siege weapon and troops in Siege Mode.
-Hunt a giant demon before it reaches your castle in Demon Mode.
-Snipe down demonic soulstones before waves of creep spawns overrun you in Soulstone Mode.
-Exercise your aiming skills and shoot down flying targets in Target Mode.
-Defend your base from all attacks in a timed Survival Mode.
-Take part in special events and bring down huge BOSSES in Conquest Mode.
For the latest updates and announcements, please visit the Cannon King fans page
Cannon King
Cannon King
Cannon King

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