Toadled l Version: 1.8 | Size: 37.68MB
 Developers: Playometry | Language: English

A seemingly normal afternoon turns into an apoplectic day when one tiny toad gains the ability to grow more and more with each thing he eats…
He is on a quest to consume the entire universe in this fast-paced and addictive game!
Just how big can he get? Tap to find out!
– Watch Toad evolve into 10 different forms! Start out as a small Toad and watch him grow into a 3 headed beast, and even a celestial entity!
– Over 40 enemy types to digest, including flies, humans, zombies, and even planets. Each one has its own little backstory; eat one of each to uncover Toad’s origins!
– Amazing graphics! From adorable to grotesque, you won’t want to stop until you’ve unlocked all of Toad’s transformations!
– Collect coins to upgrade your Toad through 50 levels of upgrades!
– Play Normal Mode and save your progress as your toad evolves, or try your hand at Survival Mode and see how far you can get in a single play through!
– Evolving music that changes based on your Toad’s size!
– Track your stats, unlock achievements, and compete on the leaderboards with other players!
“The perfect blend between Katamari and Alpaca Evolution! I can’t stop playing this game!”
“Amazing! I’m Toadly into this. 10/10. Would Toad again.”
“I love eating the humans. I couldn’t believe there are even zombies in this game.”
Download now and Feed the Toad! Rate the game and let us know how we can make it better!

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