Wonder Wool

Wonder Wool

Wonder Wool l Version: 1.0 | Size: 39.55MB
 Developers: DADIU | Language: English

Wonder Wool is a new lighthearted action adventure game. It’s flocking, vibrant environment and evolving gameplay will draw you into a world filled with Greek myths and wonders.
– Steer sheep with magical wind
– Protect your sheep from the cyclops
– Avoid dangers!
– Earn wool
– Gain more god powers
– Make your god powers stronger with upgrades
– Travel through ancient Greece
– Explore your journey in hand drawn comics
Feel the thrill as you take on the role as the god of sheep herding, try out god powers on the environment and explore the world of ancient Greece as you travel through the landscape with your flock of sacred sheep, trying to escape a sheep stealing cyclops! Protect and navigate your flock, and use their wool to get upgrades and new god powers!
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Wonder Wool
Wonder Wool
Wonder Wool

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