Seeker’s Notes

Seeker's Notes

Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood l Version: 1.3.0 | Size: 35.39MB
 Developers: MyTona | Language: English

A new enthralling hidden object game from the creators of The Secret Society!
Are you eager to immerse yourself in a fascinating world filled with exhilarating hidden-object puzzles? Welcome to Darkwood! Explore breathtaking environments, solve ingenious puzzles, unlock challenging achievements, and unearth this mysterious town’s secret past!
Darkwood is an enigmatic town shrouded in mystery, a bizarre burg riddled with secrets just waiting to be uncovered. It all began with a mysterious curse… and now the residents of this forgotten town are being held captive by some unknown force. Although they need your help, the townspeople aren’t exactly forthcoming about their hometown’s history or their own obscure activities. To learn the truth, you’ll have to overcome a series of trials and take part in a thrilling adventure spanning such intriguing locations as an abandoned train station, a decadent ballroom, an unearthly dressing room and many more. Could you be the fabled Seeker, the savior who will solve the mystery of the town’s curse and free the townspeople from their strange enchantment? Come to Darkwood and find out!
Game features:
– Incredible locations and gorgeous graphics
– Over 700 exciting quests that will uncover the dark secrets of a cursed town
– Over 100 unique collections
– Fun, fascinating puzzles
– 45 achievements you can show off to your friends
– Original, likeable characters
– Enchanting, atmospheric music
– Craft one-of-a-kind items
– Help the townspeople defeat dangerous monsters
– Exchange gifts with your friends
– Regular updates that keep the fun coming!
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Seeker's Notes
Seeker's Notes
Seeker's Notes

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