Corsairs: The Ocean Empire

Corsairs: The Ocean Empire

Corsairs: The Ocean Empire l Version: 1.5 | Size: 48.15MB
 Developers: Jolin network technology co., ltd | Language: English

“Corsairs: The Ocean Empire” is a naval MMORPG. All the adventures take place in the Age of Discovery. Players can lead their own fleet, fight in the exciting sea battles, rob the trade ships of their competitors, grab the lands, trade and rule in the any prosperous city they chose around the world!
* Chose one of 150 characters, gain the greatest amounts of EXP in real-time naval combats, upgrade or build more than 150 different types of battleships and trade ships, sail to a hundred sea ports in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean and America to earn your dues, take part in trade deals and big politic affairs!
* Attack and conquer enemy ports, loot and sink their ships, but also protect your own merchant vessels and be a part of the different expeditions and discoveries!
* Join any guild you like, form an alliance with other captains and practice your unique skills in the group adventures and guild wars!
* Fight the legendary terrifying sea monster Kraken.
* Defeat the immortal captain of the Fleiger Hollander – Phillip Vanderdecken.
* Conquer the territories for your own Empire.
* Take part in a regatta, bid and win!
* Receive lots of daily awards and valuable prizes. Open all the chests with treasures!
* Insight to the Maritime history and the Age of Pirates and Conquerors.
* Great maritime powers: the European navy, the Chinese Ming Dynasty and Pirates of the Caribbean.
* World-famous sailors and pirates: Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Alexander Menshikov, Maurice Benevsky and The Blackbeard.
Lead your unbeatable team of corsairs to the victory! Form an invincible guild and become a legend of the five oceans!
Corsairs: The Ocean Empire
Corsairs: The Ocean Empire
Corsairs: The Ocean Empire

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