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17 million downloads achieved! Now in still fan surge!
★★★★ “liver or I ☆ Nyanko” is handy easy !! Nyanko training game the Japan rampage !! anyone ★★★★
* “Nyanko Great War” The hotel serves a complimentary to the last, but also available some paid content.**** Super easy battle system ****
Tap your favorite cat !!
Sometimes one shot “Nyanko cannon” !!
Semeotose the enemy castle !!**** Super easy and training system ****
XP Get !! on stage clear
Tap your favorite cat !!
When it comes to level 10, a whopping Advances !!

**** Super easy-Nyanko Great War ****
Treasure collected also super fun !!
Super unique enemy characters have !!
EX character further Gross !!

Weak play OK !! young and old in people of game, she can recommend to anyone “Nyanko Great War” ☆
You would grow what kind of cat!?

Well, liver or I Nyanko corps … emergency kick-off !!
※ communication environment to play “Nyanko Great War” will be required.
※ will display a pop-up called “big app download of” during the installation or update of the app.
If there is no Wi-Fi environment, be sure to disconnect the check of “download only at the time of Wi-Fi use”, please press the Continue button.
If you leave the check with, I can not install or update successfully.
※ In the “Nyanko Great War”, I will have to add a new function at any time updates.
Depending on the model, we may not be able to update.
Please please acknowledge.