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Download Full Free Orc King v1.2 Apk + MOD Apk [Unlimited Money] – Android Games by Lifebelt Games Pte. Ltd.

The next generation incremental clicker action adventure RPG is here.

You are the mighty Orc King.

However, times have been tough and you have fallen from grace. The human heroes and other races have raided your homeland and stolen all of your possessions. Especially your mighty weapon. Every Orc King needs a good weapon. There is only one thing left to do now. Embark on a grand adventure to redeem your honor and reclaim your homeland. Destroy the pesky humans, elves, undead, giants and more. Let them know who’s boss.

Orc King is an idle incremental clicker action adventure RPG game. It features:
– Simple clicker style and easy tap gameplay.
– Gorgeous pixel art with multiple environments.
– Lots of different classes of enemies such as knights, mages, archers, barbarians, skeleton warriors and more.
– A unique luck based incremental system used to forge, upgrade and craft weapons.
– Over 20+ levels of weapons ranging from an axe, a mace, a warhammer, etc.
– Upgrade your kingdom to gain you gold even when the game is closed.
– Treasures and scrolls to collect.
– Quests to complete.
– Activate the bloodlust power up to go on a mad rampage and gain tons of gold.
– Defeat the super unique titan of a boss and spin the wheel of fortune for richness.

Your legend awaits, Orc King. War has begun.


September 5, 2015


500 – 1,000

Current Version

Requires Android
3.0 and up

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