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Download Full Free Five Circles v1.2 Apk – Android Games by Васильев Владислав

So you’re the head of a bird or flying, or call it what you want.
You take off the bottom of the pipe and fly straight ahead, then suddenly begins to spin in a circle … What to do? Quite simply, you have to go into the pipe, only to another pipe that is on the opposite side. Do it will not be easy. You have only 5 laps to accurately calculate when you tap the screen and fly into the unknown. Then all over again.

1 – 5 points Every game starts complicated.
2 – Although, sometimes even 5 points is not easy to type
3 – Quiet, do not irritate the eye color background.
4 – Bird funny explode if you do not get into the tube, it’s not flappy Bird where the opposite is true.
5 – Excellent develops a reaction.
6 – suitable even for small children.
The perfect time-killer. Soon just at school or university, is useful to you like the game.

What’s New

Bug fixed