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Zombies are smarter now, they don’t just walk towards you with bare hands. Running, jumping or airborne… they will sure catch you by surprise. And don’t expect them to be melee attackers only as they do some time throw axes from a range… Defeating them will be challenging!

You will have a range of gunman under your command, rifleman is the backbone of your army, their bayonet will come in handy once zombies get close. Shotgunner delivers powerful shots that can push zombies back, they’re the best friends of those who always want to keep zombies at a good distance. Machine gunner is the ultimate killing machine, deploy them and watch how zombies get blown apart, and more types for you to explore in game.

Guess what, your gunmen love chocolate, so feed them chocolate and watch them killing faster!

A musthave for zombie lovers, Zombie vs. Gunman is an addictive and challenging zombie survival / shooting / action game. Combining the element of tower defence and active zombie shooting/head blowing, “Zombie Gunman” is very easy to pick up, very hard to put down.
Hordes of zombies are approaching your position. Captain, your order is clear: Hold your position until reinforcements arrive. Use grenades, machine guns to stop their advance.

– A selection of different types of soldiers – Rifleman, machine gunner, shotgunner…
– Multiple upgrade path for all your soldiers.
– A variety of zombies.
– Multiple Acts and numerous levels.

What’s New

fixed IAP (soomla 1.8.1 instead of 1.8.0)