Uncharted: Mika’s Treasure

Uncharted: Mika's Treasure

Uncharted: Mika's Treasure l Version: 1.0 | Size: 14.88MB
 Developers: RINZZ GAME | Language: English

“Uncharted: Mika’s Treasure” is a newly-developed puzzle game full of legend and creativity.
It will bring you with a wonderful and fantasy adventure, during the adventure, you need to crack various organs, puzzles, explorations, beat terrible monsters, and talk to skeleton men, all sorts of small games…
Eventually you can find the ultimate treasure hidden in the pirate remains.
“Uncharted: Mika’s Treasure” possesses splendid pictures, with resolution ratio as high as 1080 p, and abundant sections, including: island, dark woods, pirate remains, mysterious cave, pirate ship, ancient tomb…
“Uncharted: Mika’s Treasure” owns marvellous and providential music to coordinate with every scene, which gives you a sense of nature.
Best experienced with headphones.
Uncharted: Mika's Treasure
Uncharted: Mika's Treasure
Uncharted: Mika's Treasure

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