Magic Trick

Magic Trick

Magic Trick l Version: 1.0 | Size: 20.76MB
 Developers: NaughtyDog | Language: English

Contain six wonderful mini games.
1.Vanishing Card
A classic poker game can make the card you thought vanishing.Do you believe it?
2.Today’s Special
Whatever the numbers you choose,the result is about today incredible.
3.Finger Pulse
You can move your Finger as you will,but which card you finger last have you thought about what?
4.Mystic Shake
We all know that the device has gravity sensor,but do you know that you can control it?
5.Raving Rabbids
Rabbit is very cute as we know, but have you seen its unbelievable side? Let’s give it a try.
6.Magic Faces
How about your mood today? Let me catch your brain waves then tell you.
“This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true catching brainwaves or gravity sensor functionality.”
Magic Trick
Magic Trick
Magic Trick

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