RiotZone l Version: 2.0 | Size: 16.12MB
 Developers: Mail.Ru Group | Language: English

Welcome to the war! RiotZone – is the original tactical strategy / RPG, combining elements of casual games and the possibility of large MMOG. You will become the commander of a soldier of fortune, called free tropical country Merani treacherous dictator from power … and do not forget your wallet! Under your will to fight the best mercenaries planet. Fight in the jungles and cities, attack and defend, build a base and improve its arsenal. This is not a toy voynushka shooting – the world of the mortal danger of easy money and endless battles await you!
Key Features
• The original tactics. You do not need to give commands to each soldier: the outcome of any fight affects character development, training mercenaries and timely use of special items (ammo, health kits, grenades, etc.).
• Large-scale MMOG. You can download all the possibilities of modern MMO-projects: the development of character, completing quests, base construction, development and improvement items, guild content and more. RiotZone – full game in your device!
• Short game session. RiotZone does not require constant attention and time consuming, even with the deep immersion in the gameplay. You can combine the game to work or stay!
Quotes in the press about RiotZone
• «… for seemingly simple shell hides a deep and interesting mechanics with extensive space for tactical maneuvers.” – Games.Mail.Ru,.
• «Huge game world with lots of interesting levels, enemies and items carries very strongly.” – MegaObzor.
• «The game is easy to learn, but offers thoughtful mechanics, nice graphics and very varied gameplay. To spend ten minutes or so a day for performing multiple tasks and battle with other players in a big battle, it fits very well. ” –
RiotZone been awarded “Best browser games» at GDC 2012.
Players say
• «Great game! Not some mindless shooter and real online strategy. Very pleasant grafon. It can be seen that developed love their work »- Vlad77
• «otpadno stratezhka about the war in the jungle! Feel macho with a machete at the ready)) »- MaxRem.
• «Free online games of this level – a rarity. 5/5 “- Oks_Anna.
• «Mercenaries, cool guns, all-out war! Full of flies! Go for Merani! »- KibaRIC.

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