Asteroid Squad

Asteroid Squad

Asteroid Squad l Version: 1.2 | Size: 16.2MB
 Developers: UEA Game Lab | Language: English

Asteroid Squad is a space Shoot’m’up multidirectional with pixelated graphics, challenging and nostalgic.
In control of a spaceship, your objetio is to destroy asteroids and collect the points that come from asteroids, surviving waves of enemies and bosses waves, collecting power-ups and improving your reflexes in this challenging game.
The game has four main characters, each pilot of the four selectable ships. The measure
you destroy the asteroids, you gain items to help you, such as power ups or consumer items
immediately to help you destroy enemies and asteroids or repair your ship.
Called Green Ore, this material is imbedded in the inner asteroid and has a
exorbitant value in intergalactic black market. Asteroids containing Green Ore are extremely
rare, but there is a place in space where there is a huge concentration of these asteroids, the Cintarão of
In this belt the chances of surviving are minimal, the concentration of asteroids is very large, in
blink of an eye you can be crushed to the bone, the asteroids collide violently
flinging debris that soon become deadly projectiles explode one of these for the ore collection entails
a reaction mass of flying debris as if they were cannonballs. Added to this, spacecraft not
sent manned by pirates shoot in all directions, hunt and destroy everything that has green ore,
including other hunters.
A group of friends highly skilled asteroid hunters pilots constantly adventure
in the middle of the asteroid belt, destroying and skillfully dodging all the dangers and targeting
any enemy that appears ahead, they call themselves: Asteroid Squad.
Asteroid Squad
Asteroid Squad
Asteroid Squad

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