Bird Duel

Bird Duel
 Bird Duel l Version: 1.3.0 | Size: 4.35MB Developers: Yabado GmbH | Language: English 

Discover an exciting multiplayer world!
Play in 8 new challenging game modes.
Get ready for a new action game. You take control over a fluffy bird. You either love or hate this game because it is very challenging. Play with your friends and see whether they can overcome the first obstacle. This game includes 8 different game modes that are so much fun. You need to tap on the screen so that the small bird flies upwards. The game ends when you hit an obstacle. Can you collect all 3 stars?
This is by far the most exciting game mode! Enjoy the fun!
Obstacles move up and down.
You simply need to overcome the obstacles.
Saw blades come from all directions. What a challenge! Can you handle it?
You still need to learn how to fly?
These are surprise modes for more experienced birds.
You can access the first 5 game modes right away. The game Bird Duel itself is free. You can unlock new bird characters with In-App purchases for which you pay money. After an In-App purchase is made, all advertisements are disabled, too. You can disable the support of In-App purchases by changing the settings on your device.
Play the new Bird Duel game 5 days in a row and open a surprise box. You will love it!
→ Multiplayer fun
→ 8 exciting game modes
→ Cute bird characters
→ Thrilling atmosphere
→ Easy to control
→ Unique music and sound effects
→ Great graphics
→ Invite your friends
→ Easily share your score
→ 22 languages supported
→ HD images
→ A lot of fun
→ For all ages
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Bird Duel
Bird Duel
Bird Duel

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