Advance Dino

Advance Dino
 Advance Dino l Version: 1.7 | Size: 47.61MB Developers: PlayPark | Language: English 

BOOM BOOM BOOM~ Feel the Ground Trembling? It’s Dinos on the Advance! Join us in the latest Free to Play Dinosaur Combat City Management Simulation with Advance Dino!
Become the Chief Dino and Build your tiny Dino Outpost into a Sprawling Prehistoric Metropolis! Research and Build Dino Troops to defend your Dino Farmers and Peasants!
Gotta Catch Them All, Dino Hero Collection! Train Them and Give Them Unique Skills! Take Direct Control of your Heroes (and Troops) in Real Time Battles!
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***** Review by Charmine Ndn: 5 stars… I love this more than COC.
***** Review by asinee lieopairoj: Cute & cool Love dino. The game is so cute. Im really fun playing it.
***** Review by ivan rosadino: Dino Advanced I love it, it is more fun than my other games.
✔ Build, Research and Upgrade your Dino Outpost into a Sprawling Prehistoric Metropolis!
✔ Go on exciting Adventures to collect Dino Heroes, and then Train them in Battle to their Ultimate Hero Form!
✔ Recruit and conquer the island with your clan!
✔ Assign Epic Hero Skills to allow your Heroes to lead Dino Troops and Terrorize the Battlefield!
✔ Directly Control Your Dino Heroes in Battle to change the Balance of Power!
✔ Invade Enemy Villages to Pillage Valuable Resources!
✔ Set Towers, Bombs, Traps, Catapults & Ambushes in your Dino Fortress to Thwart Enemy Invaders!
✔ Join or Lead your Dino Clan to Global Victory!
✔ Will you Dominate the Jurassic? Play Advance Dino now for the Dino-Tastic Adventure of your Life!
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Minimum Requirements:
– Minimum 1GB System RAM
– Android v2.3 and above
Advance Dino
Advance Dino
Advance Dino

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