Lich Defense 2

Lich Defense 2
 Lich Defense 2 l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 11.44MB Developers: Jellyoasis Inc. | Language: English 

[Lich Defense 2 Launch Event!]
Event 1. Launch Event
– Download and run the game once,
and we will give you 10 free Gems with 1,000 KRW retail value.
Event 2. Review Event
– Download and run Lich Defense 2.
Click the Review pop-up window at the main screen, and review and rate the game.
We will give you 20 free Gems with 2,000 KRW retail value.
* Caution *
The launch event rewards are given only once for each device;
they cannot be rewarded again even if you delete and reinstall the game.
[Game Features]
A solid Tower Defense game with a hook!
Be the Lich king and manage your deadly towers and cast devastating magic in this incredibly addictive real-time strategy tower type defense game!
Enjoy large-scale spectacular battles!
☆ Grow your character like you would in RPG games.
Use thousands of items!
☆ Spectacular Magic Skills!
– Three different skill properties: Arcane, Elemental, and Darkness
☆ Engaging Background Story!
– The story unfolds through the characters’ journals and conversation, and cutscenes.
☆ Tower Research!
– 24 different types of tower are available.
☆ Various Enemies with Special Abilities
– Different battle strategies are required to fight different enemies.
[Customer Center]
Business Hours: 09 a.m.-06 p.m.
Lich Defense 2
Lich Defense 2
Lich Defense 2

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