KUFU-MAN l Version: 1.8 | Size: 31.46MB Developers: ROBOT Communication inc | Language: English 

[KUFU-MAN], the high action Sci-Fi game of escape!!
It is the year 2XXX… And the world is ruled by robots!
In an attempt to save the world, Dr. Hidari, a scientific genius, has created Kufu-Man, a cat-type robot who will fight in the ultimate showdown.
Get creative and stand up to the dreaded robots who attack you!
All levels are boss fights! A continuous climax!
You hardly need any action game skills!
An ‘escape action game’ where you can usually win if you can see the key to winning!!
Pixel graphics with an exciting and dramatic story!
Robots! Explosions! Helicopters! A beautiful blonde! A main character who awakens and powers up!
A weakness system! A retro feel! Just like the NES! 8bit! Mechs! Machines!
Cute and engaging characters! Simple controls! A direction pad! Jump! Dash!
Japan! Scientists! Samurai! Ninjas! Drills! Cows! Music games! Swords! Beams! Multiple-choice quizzes!
Magma! Global conquest!
Contains everything that everyone loves!
No play restrictions! You can keep playing until you cleared!
[Recommended for]
– People who like retro games
– People who do not want to play long games (can be finished within 2 hours)
– People who have stopped playing lots of games halfway through (you can see hints in the game)
– People who like comic-book stories
– People who want to save the world
– People who like cats, and people who like white cats

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