Sphere: gravity puzzle

Sphere: gravity puzzle
 Sphere: gravity puzzle l Version: 1.0 | Size: 23.39MB Developers: Dmitry Eliseev | Language: English 

You were always attracted by puzzles? Gem Puzzle was your favorite game as a kid? In this case, we recommend you to pay attention to the amazing game blockbuster “Sphere”. This world-famous game won both western civilization (in the US it is called RA), and eastern civilization (in Japan it is known under the name of KQ). What is the secret of success?
This is one of the few 3D puzzles that develops not only logic, but also spatial imagination! In order to play in the “sphere”, you must submit level map in your own head. Ah yes, the levels! The game consist of 54 levels, the complexity of which gradually increases – they become more and complex. To get to the next level, you have to collect all the keys on the map by driving the ball. In order to reach the end of the level you can use teleports, jumpers as well as additional time. But do not forget that the coins and jewels not only add the final points, but by collecting 75% of all coins you will open next group of levels. Also note – falling into the trap can be fatal.
If you are ready to challenge the puzzles and solve them – then:
– A unique game that has no analogues – at your service;
– You will enjoy the changing gravity – nowhere else you can meet it!
– A variety of locations in the sky, space, on the ground – pass them all;
– Saves the results by using the Google account!
Sphere: gravity puzzle
Sphere: gravity puzzle
Sphere: gravity puzzle

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