Bang Man!

Bang Man!
 Bang Man! l Version: 1.0.40 | Size: 19.11MB Developers: Byronic Games | Language: English 

Praise for Bang Man!
“…a ludicrously good, super fast platform blaster.” Pocket Gamer (
“Seriously addictive Ace minimalist game – super simple yet really addictive. You’ll die LOTS but it has instant respawn – more games should definitely have this!” – 5/5 Google Play review.
About the game:
Bang Man is a fast-paced action game which demands quick reflexes and spatial awareness.
You play the Bang Man – Earth’s last line of defence facing an infinite army of alien scum. Perched high above the planet on a small platform, you must blast alien scum after alien scum, despatching them quickly before they speed up. Weapons are dropped from above – leap over the alien, pick up your ammo, then fire.
Sounds easy? Think again: each weapon will, when fired, send Bang Man recoiling back the number of squares shown on the ammo box. Fall off the platform and it’s game over. Get tagged by an alien and it’s game over.
How long can you survive?
Bang Man!
Bang Man!
Bang Man!

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