1000 ways to die in a circle

1000 ways to die in a circle
 1000 ways to die in a circle l Version: 1.3.3 | Size: 5.49MB Developers: Pixels On Fire | Language: English 

1000 ways to die in a circle is a fun and difficult endless runner game featuring amazingly unique gameplay elements.
You play as a tiny blob, running around an orbital track and try dodging the deadly spikes. Collect gems and dots to get points. But be aware – Everytime you dash at a dot the gameplay makes a complete u-turn. Sometimes you run, sometimes the circle rotates and sometimes a circle suddenly disappears. Depending on the game mode you also have to switch between jumping and changing gravity in the same run. Another dot suddenly changes the position of the spikes or let you run the other way round.
Did you reach 100 points yet? Share your best points with your friends!
The higher the points you reach the faster the game runs making it harder to dodge the spikes. While rushing through the orbit enjoy the ever changing color modes while trying to beat your latest highscore again.
Your earned gems increase in phases after reaching 20, 40 or 60 points to two, three and four.
Make them run and die or die trying!
After conquering this deadly ring of death for the good of collecting gems, take a rest from those pesky spikes and jump over to your farm. Upgrade its look or collect more blobs. No need to stick with the same hero all the time – Unlock other heroes like the amazing Mr Blob & Mrs Blob, Spike Eater or Poopy. Enjoy watching your farm and army of blob heroes grow. Collect slime by tapping on your blobs and buy more characters, brave enough to jump into this cursed circle to die for their homeland!
If this app ever reaches 50.000 Downloads an update goes live with new amazing features and environment for your blobs including a ketch!
+ Unique gameplay with changing orbital phases
+ Stylish flat art
+ Unlock amazing heroes
+ Build a farm for your blobs
+ Spikes!
+ Google Play Services – Achievement and Leaderboard Support to compete for Points
1000 ways to die in a circle
1000 ways to die in a circle
1000 ways to die in a circle

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