Pixel Wizard

Pixel Wizard
 Pixel Wizard l Version: 1.0 | Size: 44.16MB Developers: Spil Games | Language: English 

Ready to take it back to the old school? Pixel Wizard Adventure is a brand-new, classic retro-style platform game that’ll take you on an magical adventure of epic proportions!
Don your wizard’s hat and grab your magic wand and transport yourself to a magical kingdom for this modern arcade classic..
Now available as a downloadable App, Pixel Wizard Adventure is an absolute must-play for any fans of old-school 2D platform games.
Finding yourself transported to a pixelated kingdom, you’ll play as a magical wizard facing a difficult and action-packed task: defeat the monsters, ghouls and goblins standing in your way to make it through all kinds of brainscratchingly puzzling levels.
From castles to haunted forests, you’ll need to use your brains (and your magic wand) if you want to make it through alive.
* Choose from a range of playable characters
* Level after level of exciting and puzzling challenges
* Battle all kinds of monsters, ghouls and ghosts!
* Collect as many coins as you can for the high score
Through each beautifully-designed level, you’ll need to have your wits about you if you’re going to defeat the forces of darkness!
Be sure to keep a sharp eye out though: coins and magic items are littered about the kingdom to help you reach your goal.
Collect as many coins as you can through the game to grab that high score!
There’s also a whole cast of playable characters to help you make it through the game.
So grab your wand and conjure up the classic years of gaming with Pixel Wizard Adventure!
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard

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