Steam man

Steam man
 Steam man l Version: 1.0.4 | Size: 30.5MB Developers: Gauli | Language: English 

Steam Man is a insanely addictive and fun game.
This is a strange game, the same as any other…but not like any! The start is very difficult, first of all, you will need to quickly buy the third jump, but from there, the uncontrollable difficulty will decrease and enjoyment will slowly increase along with the knowledge of the situation. You can not make purchases within the app, the game is like that – it is hard, but the more you play the more money you will gain which will make the game more fun. If you could by jumps from the beginning, Steam would lose his spirit, you have to fight for it! (Of course, there are also tricks, for example, you can hit your head on a beam and so fall without fear of the bottom).
From the boilers inside Steam City to the towers between clouds…
you must run and jump just in the right moment… or you will fall into the abyss.
Every time you step on a platform you retrieve your jumps.
You can get extra jumps in the store with the coins you’ve earned playing.
You can also get the shield, in this way the explosions will not kill you.
The city has 4 Stages: The Boilers, the Highway, Steam City and the Outskirts. Each stage has different challenges.
Search tricks on Facebook. Share your score with your friends so you can test your nerves of steel and your high measure of skill.
You can go further than anyone else. Never give up!
We put our best shot in each detail in this little game. We hope you enjoy it.
Thank you for reading. Thank you for playing.
Permissions: internet access (only for facebook).
We will answer to your proposals, suggestions or ideas.
Enjoy it!!
Steam man
Steam man

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