Hero’s Path

Hero's Path
 Hero's Path l Version: 1.0.5 | Size: 47MB Developers: tap4fun | Language: English 

Take your hero on the path to conquer your enemies around the world. Introducing Hero’s Path, a brand new strategy game featuring unique heroes designed for you. Choose the character that compliments your personal style of play. Will you smash your enemies with brute strength? Cast magical enchantments? Or blast them to smithereens from afar? The choice is yours. Develop unique skills, fortify your city, and lead your troops to uncover the truth of the 7 islands. An unforgettable adventure lies ahead.
– Free to play with completely optional in-app purchases
– Command your hero’s every movement
– Build and upgrade buildings INSTANTLY. No more annoying wait times!
– Design and fortify your base with a variety of defenses to fend off your enemies
– Strengthen and outfit your hero with special items and attributes
– Utilize each hero’s unique skill to devastate the enemy
– Raze enemy bases with different troop compositions and strategies
– Discover an immersive game world with a variety of challenging stages
– Experience the epic story of Hero’s Path
– Overcome opponents in multiplayer modes to collect all of the delicious cheese
Note: An Internet connection is required to play.
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Hero's Path
Hero's Path
Hero's Path

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