Road Racer: Hill Climb Racing

Road Racer: Hill Climb Racing
 Road Racer: Hill Climb Racing l Version: 0.1.2e | Size: 41.41MB Developers: Blue River Arts | Language: English 

The ultimate hill climb racing is finally here!
Bringing the steepest hills ever seen, endless hours of game play, countless car upgrades and of course superb graphics to go along with it.
And the best part is, that this is only just the beginning 🙂
Welcome to Road Racer [ALPHA]
– You should aim to get around 30fps: Reduce quality until you do [in the settings]
– Not all devices are going to be supported
– Can take a FEW minutes to load the first time on old devices
– A second car unlocks at style level 10
– Please report bugs on our forum
– Please support us by rating the application if you enjoyed it, it does help us!
For more info visit us on:
Future Development:
Forum: (Support)
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Every gamers dream come true. Road Racer is being created by gamers and for the gamers. And we do hope to continue to gain your support as we journey closer to our final vision.
What to expect when Road Racer is complete
Road Racer will bring superior physics, gorgeous graphics and of course gameplay of the hill climb racing genre to a new era. Even Newton him self would be astounded.
Road Racer will not include just one environment but will allow you to journey through 12 completely different and unique environments stylized from the real world.
Each environment will have its own unique terrain and road design. A campaign and endless mode will give the user many options to choose from.
Off road Driving: Challenge your self and beat the steepest hills like a boss
Farm Coin: Farm coins to upgrade your turbo, nos(nitros), engine, tiers, chase, air control, brakes, lights, fuel and suspension
Tracks: Ride, gain and climb the hill as best as you can
Multiplayer: Challenge your friend, meet new friends and compete on the global level
Tournaments: Compete in weekly and monthly tournaments and gain the respect of being the quickest to racer down the track
Style moves: Nothing like freedom when you doing back flips, front flips, wheelie’s and perfect landings. And when you combine them together you gain great rewards
Cars & Bikes: 4 main categories- jeeps,racing cars,regular cars and bikes will be available giving you a vast array of 48 vehicles to choose from
Quality: High resolution, retina display and quality settings allow for perfect mobile gameplay experience (incl. tablets)
Character Selection: play as a boy,girl or ….. you will have to wait and see
Road Racer: Hill Climb Racing
Road Racer: Hill Climb Racing
Road Racer: Hill Climb Racing

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