Bugs vs. Aliens

Bugs vs. Aliens
 Bugs vs. Aliens l Version: 1.0 | Size: 37.8MB Developers: JACINT TORDAI | Language: English 

Lead your team of Bug Heroes into battle and defeat alien invaders before they can achieve total victory!
Fly and survive through this adrenaline-fueled, physics-powered 3D-action game where you control a swarm of bugs rising in revolt against alien invaders.
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Dash through perilous environments in a “grassroots level” microcosmos, dodge falling UFOs, plasma rays, web traps, tractor beams and dive-bombs from nasty saucers. Save your bug mates, grab coins and crystals along the way and take the alien scientists down before it’s too late! HOW FAR CAN YOU GO? Find out, by downloading Bugs vs. Aliens now!
Get the edge in battle by summoning Bug Heroes with powerful LEADER SKILLS and stat-booster abilities! Unlock them, max them, team them up and you’ll dominate the track! Raid with Luke as Leader to be invincible or unleash Boris and bowl over those crappy scientists. Equipping Jazz as Leader will ROCKET you to the top of the Leaderboards.
Increase your Score Multiplier by bringing in more Heroes and upgrading their abilities! Beat high scores and level up to win game changing prizes from the SCIENTIST’S POCKET! Including unique Booster Packs, Coin and Crystal Packs. Level 51 has a Special Prize in store for You!
Use ingenious boosters to have some epic plays! They give you higher score, more coins and help you run further. Including Head Start, Golden Alien and Power-Up Boost. Want more coins? You can obtain DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even HEXTUPLE (X6!) Coin Multipliers.
Conquer all 29 ACHIEVEMENTS and sprint for the LEADERBOARDS. Challenge your Friends and don’t forget to brag your Score on Facebook! You can also share your most challenging moments via gameplay videos!
Revive at the end of a run to continue playing with your Heroes! Use the Relay Hero booster to continue with your Leader or get a PACK OF REVIVALS and you’ll have 10 more shots!
This game offers In-App Purchases which can be disabled using your device settings. See http://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1626831 for more information.
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Bugs vs. Aliens
Bugs vs. Aliens

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