Captain Strike

Captain Strike
 Captain Strike l Version: 1.00 | Size: 27.25MB Developers: APPOTA INC | Language:English 

Join us and build the first e-Sport community for this fast-paced, action-packed, yet exceptionally balanced Third Person Shooter.
And the best part is… IT’S FREE!
Amazing features:
* 9+ maps (military base, camp, subway, etc.) which are stunningly designed with flawless graphic details
* 3 modes: Free for all, Team Battle, Team Deathmatch
* 25 levels
* Tournaments to be regularly held
* Betting system
* An arsenal that satisfies the most demanding weapon-lovers
* Embellished system of medals, customs, and gears
* Extensive battlefield – allowing 10 simultaneous players
* Easy and smart control
Good game and Have fun!
Captain Strike
Captain Strike
Captain Strike

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