Bowling Paradise 2 Pro

Bowling Paradise 2 Pro
 Bowling Paradise 2 Pro l Version: 1.0 | Size: 38.23MB Developers: InnoLab | Language: English 

Play a fun, unique and beautiful bowling game you may have never seen it before.
This game is for family or professionals who enjoy exotic and amazing nature environments. Bowl in Paradise!
TUAW – Whichever version of Bowling Paradise 2 you choose I believe it will provide you lots of enjoyment and a real challenge.
AppStoreArcade – Paradise Bowling 2 improves on the original while staying true to the arcade feel with it’s out-of-this world physics and spot on controls.
Seven stunning, realistic locations for bowling
– Paradise beach : enjoy a fun, relaxing environment
– Space: go beyond normal bowling (ball flying in the air)
– Desert: spectacular scene in the wild
– Sky island: an out of earth scene with noon an sunset time
– Scientific lounge
– Undersea: a special environment with beautiful corals and sea creatures
– Space challenge: test your skill to the max with moving pins.
Realistic sky system, for Paradise Island and Sky Island locations player can see noon and sunset atmosphere according to time of day. For paid version player can switch them at any time.
Lot of options to make the game more exciting
– 10 beautiful balls ( can choose up to 10 in advance, different ball for each throw)
– 10 pins (can choose up to 10 in advance, different pin style for each frame)
– Spectacular fireworks to reward yourself at the end of each game. (the higher the score the better the fireworks)
– Special effects in every scene.
– Realistic physics
– Easy control
Different player modes for you to play alone or with friends and family members
– Against CPU with 3 levels of difficulty to challenge yourself
More control options
– Adding spin to the ball while it moving by
o Swiping the screen
o Tilting your device
– 2 viewing camera modes
o Following the balls
o 2 static cameras
Bowling Paradise 2 Pro
Bowling Paradise 2 Pro
Bowling Paradise 2 Pro

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