Five Monsters Episode1

Five Monsters Episode1
 Five Monsters Episode1 l Version: 1.0 | Size: 46.5MB Developers: Rolling Cat Studio | Language: English 

# The ‘Five Monsters Episode1’ game FULL 3D ACTION RPG game.
# Minimum and Recommended:
You need a high-end smartphone performance reasons FULL 3D ACTION RPG game.
Please be sure to install the game on your smartphone with the Galaxy Note 2 (released after October 2012 smartphone) than performance (do not go! Game when properly installed low-end smartphones back)!
– Game Tips –
# Hello .’FIVE MONSTERS ‘releases first episode will help you read once in the game.
# Is the same one that does not require login Package RPG games and in-app payments and advertising! Not!
Simple but without learning how the game is necessary, to clear the final mission to continue to be strong, while the level-up step by step. Eusigo all the potions and coins and hard, raise your stats to your advantage .SAVE well!
– This game is the final boss of the ‘FIVE MONSTERS’ at the right end of episode 1 and Form ‘s leak Plains’ map
When scoring the ‘TANG KA DU’ (tangka two) ends the game. (The Final scene)
Given a 5 point opening the ‘STATUS’ window every time -1 level rise.
Give proper speed in attack, defense, and other skills to this point will continue strong (+ button) character.
– Incorrect that percentage drops of each monster that kills and gold hearts.
Press the heart in their inventory will be charged the blood of the characters also owned a gold shop in
You can also buy a heart.
Each time the game ‘SAVE’ John is in the middle of the press .’SAVE ‘button to your own level, and Potion owned coin,
This store stats (STATUS) is.
When you exit the game and the game is automatically executed later “” LOAD state is automatically saved game
You can enjoy the level-up while the game continues steadily!
– Usually when you click a monster, but still auto-attack, but if you keep attacking party.
Click to attack more aggressively? Us to the middle to fight monsters.

– Please note that if you die fighting monsters with their own experience of the character doeni reduced by 10%.
This is his character manraep (MAX LEVEL) is LV.100 level.
# You have a huge story ‘FIVE MONSTERS’ game.
The part which tells the story of Episode 1 is released at this time.
Episode 2 is currently in development is planned to be launched in 2014, completed by the end of episode 2.
Please bring warm interest in making harder the game will showcase.
Thank you.
Five Monsters Episode1
Five Monsters Episode1
Five Monsters Episode1

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