Metro 2033 Wars

Metro 2033 Wars
 Metro 2033 Wars l Version: 1.1 | Size: 15.45MB Developers: DaSuppaStudios | Language: English 

WARNING! The game interface is designed for small and large plates, and is not optimized for small screens. The game is demanding on the device configuration. Recommended dual-core processor with a frequency of at least 1000 MHz and above, and have a minimum of 512 MB of RAM.
Recommended for screens with a diagonal of at least 6 inches.
Turn-based strategy game with an open world Metro 2033 Wars – the world’s first mobile game based on the famous story of the book the fantastic Metro2033.
After rapidly emerged nuclear conflict, there was a nuclear exchange between the world powers and their satellites. Contrary to the theory of mutually assured destruction, deep tunnels and subway stations of different cities, managed to survive several thousand people. They are forced to fight for survival with each other and reflect the constant attacks of mutated species of flora and fauna.
Your task – with the help of armed mercenary units, capture resources necessary for survival, to repel the attacks of mutants to explore and conquer new metro station. You also have to build the necessary facilities at the stations, to establish diplomatic relations with the neighbors and watch out for the economy of your empire.
In the game you will find:
• More than 40 active stations on a zoomable map.
• 20 types of buildings and structures.
• Fully three-dimensional turn-based battles with opponents at 4 locations.
• 22 different factions with unique features with 12 of them as you can to fight and have a commercial relationship.
• 25 types of mercenaries and enemies, each of which has 6 additional special features.
• More than 70 game missions and tasks in a single game history. 15 of them are available for free.
Spectacular post-apocalyptic story of the game, the atmosphere of mystery, exciting soundtrack to help you dive into the world Metro2033 full of dangers and the struggle for survival.
Some in-game items and content can be purchased for real money.
Metro 2033 Wars
Metro 2033 Wars
Metro 2033 Wars

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