Lunar Lander Reloaded

Lunar Lander Reloaded
 Lunar Lander Reloaded l Version: 2.3.6 | Size: 13.03MB Developers: ice cold muffin | Language: English 

Land on the Mun, Play the WiFi Battle Mode or Survive as many Zombie-Ship Waves as you can! Prepare for a great remake of the classic and famous Lunar Lander, with WiFi Multiplayer and tons of new stuff and Upgrades!
Lunar Lander Reloaded is a not-so-easy-to-complete action / arcade game and features 3 main modes:
– Classic Landing
– Battle Mode (Player vs Bots and Local WiFi Multiplayer)
– Survival
In Classic Mode your task is to – (as the “Lunar Lander” title suggest…) – safely land on the surface of the Moon. You need to keep an eye on your Moon Landing Module velocity – too fast and you will crash and kill all the brave quite-retard-astronauts inside!
Battle Mode is a well-known Team Deathmatch. You can play with Bots or challenge your friends and make a local WiFi Multiplayer Battle for up to 6 players! A lot of fun is guaranteed! Remember to unlock upgraded Ships to get the advantage against you enemies.
In Survival Mode you have to fight waves of incoming Zombie-Ships. Amount of your enemies increases with every completed stage, so prepare for a big challenge!
Also, this is not a classic retro game with pixel-art graphics. We really love beautiful and modern design, so here it is! The unique look and smooth, catchy animations. Everything just for your entertainment! And remember – have fun!
In short:
– Nice Gameplay
– Good Replayability, because of the Multiplayer Mode
– Awesome Graphics
– Full Tablet Support
– And Hours Of Fun!
Lunar Lander Reloaded
Lunar Lander Reloaded
Lunar Lander Reloaded

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