Conquerors l Version: 1.0.6 | Size: 7.08MB Developers: LMA Group | Language: English 

A turf war is raging, savage and relentless.
At player’s disposal, there are several castles and war towers, moving the warriors in-between which, it is possible to regulate the overall numeric strength of the troops.
It is possible to target the enemy castle with several armies from several of your compounds or, as an alternative, – dispense the long-awaited-for reinforcements into one of the enemy-assaulted castles.
The conquering war demands you have some hefty mastery and correct decisions, most importantly, coming timely in mighty handy.
It is highly important to skillfully deploy your troops, sacrifice one for the other, and in the nick of time – to make your combating assaults from all the sides.
State-of-the-art munition of army will allow you to stand up over your enemy lines.
Then the war of the conquerors will come to gain a victoriously vigorous and mighty crushing upper hand of your platoons brandished over the opposing armies.
Get to be the chief-in-command of the fearless army of conquerors, and deal a decisive blow to the low-down fortification of your adversary, seize all the castles and bring to naught all of the insurgents, as well as hold down those apprehended.
Hold fast, enemies, I am coming ’round after you!

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